The vision of SARH ATTAQNIA Co., (SAC) is to
provide quality services in civil Engineering and
construction industries, with safe methods at
the cost effective to the client..

SARH ATTAQNIA Co., (SAC) mission is to
improve the standard of civil engineering and
construction quality in our country by using
skilled and competitive employees.

We believe in a lateral leadership style where
an environment of trust forms the foundation
of the company, and belief that loyalty provides
sustainability for a secure future for its people
and members.

Our Company

In our work we have pride, quality is what we provide


Sarh Technical Contracting Company was established in 1994 and works in the following contracting fields:

  • Executing the structural structure of concrete.
  • Implementation of the iron structure of steel
  • Implementation of the work of finishing (turnkey).
  • Electromechanical works
  • Public utilities, housing projects, roads and
  • Implementation of water projects and strategic
  • Implement energy projects.
  • Implementation of industrial sector projects
  • Implementation of projects markets and commercial
  •  Implementation of projects housing complexes
  •  Executing residential and commercial hotel projects


By ensuring the quality and speed of completion and
continuous follow-up.

Our Clients